Why RN Health Assess?

RN Health Assess provides affordable, private, on-site, comprehensive and compassionate health assessments centered on the patient's physical, environmental and social well being. We serve those living in the Fort Collins and Denver Colorado area.

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Are you worried about the quality of care your loved one is receiving?

RN Health Assess is here to help! Whether the patient is in a hospital, nursing facility, private institution or at home. You have the legal right to hire a private nurse to perform a confidential third-party health assessment. Hire RN Health Assess to give you the answers you need and put your mind at ease.

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We also contract with health and home care agencies and attorneys.

Hire RN Health Assess to provide private health assessment services to your clients.

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My Passion

Patient advocacy is my passion, it is my responsibility, and it is my work. I am the founder of RN Health Assess and a licensed registered nurse with 20 years experience. I believe all patients should have the best care possible at all time. I've watched family members go through excrutiating stress when they question the quality of care their loved one's receive. This doesn't have to be. Hire me to perform a private health assessment. I will be your advocate, identify the patient's needs and put your concerns to rest.

Deb Chavez, RN - Owner Health Assess, LLC

4 Steps Toward Peace of Mind

A Simple 4 Steps Process

              We offer a simple 4 step processĀ to improve patient care and put concerns to rest. First, go to contact usĀ and schedule an appointment to talk to us. Second, our RN will talk at

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